What are different way to engage the kids in Diwali Festival?

Creating fun and engaging Diwali crafts for kids can be a wonderful way to get them involved in the festivities. Here are some creative and different ways to build Diwali crafts for kids:

  1. Diya Painting: Provide kids with plain clay diyas, paint, and brushes. Let them express their creativity by painting and decorating the diyas. This not only engages them in a fun activity but also prepares them for the traditional Diwali ritual of lighting diyas.
  2. Paper Lanterns: Help kids make colorful paper lanterns in various shapes and sizes. These can be hung up around the house to create a festive ambiance.
  3. Rangoli Art: Encourage children to make rangoli designs using colored rice, sand, flower petals, or even chalk. They can draw traditional patterns or get creative with their own designs.
  4. Card Making: Have kids create Diwali greeting cards for family and friends. They can use glitter, sequins, and other craft materials to make them special.
  5. Origami Diwali Decorations: Teach kids how to fold origami paper into traditional Diwali symbols like divasDiwali Festiwal, flowers, or even elephants.
  6. Diwali Candles: Make homemade candles with kids using melted wax and molds. They can add scents and colors for a personal touch.
  7. Diwali Mobiles: Create hanging decorations with paper or foam shapes related to Diwali, such as lamps, sweets, and firecrackers. Assemble them into a mobile that can be hung around the house.
  8. Diwali Diaries or Journals: Encourage kids to create a Diwali diary or journal. They can write about their favorite Diwali memories, create a countdown to the festival, and stick pictures and decorations in it.
  9. Clay Modelling: Let kids sculpt their own clay figurines of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, or other Diwali-related figures.
  10. Diwali Storytelling: Engage kids in storytelling sessions about the significance of Diwali. They can then create their own small storybooks with illustrations.
  11. Themed Dress-up: Organize a dress-up session where kids can put on traditional Indian attire or dress up as their favorite Diwali characters. This can also include a mini fashion show.
  12. Diwali Garland: Create paper or fabric garlands with Diwali-themed shapes and patterns. These can be used to decorate the house or as part of a kids’ art project.
  13. Diwali Puzzle and Games: Design Diwali-themed puzzles and games like word searches or crossword puzzles for kids to enjoy.
  14. Diwali Food Decorations: Involve kids in making and decorating Diwali sweets like laddoos or cookies. They can use edible colors and designs to make them more festive.
  15. Diwali Music and Dance: Teach kids some traditional Diwali songs and dances. This not only engages them creatively but also introduces them to the cultural aspects of the festival.

Remember to adapt these activities to the age and skill level of the kids. Whether it’s through art, crafts, storytelling, or cooking, involving kids in the celebration of Diwali can make the festival even more special for them.

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